I have long believed that personal perspective can be compared to looking through a window. Every experience and personal relationship widens that window a little more with research and curiosity lengthening it. Every time we come to a new experience, we can only see it through our own windows, no matter how many people are there in that experience with us. This shapes how we react, think through, and process each experience or creation of new relationships and ideas.

There are a lot of issues threatening to tear apart the United States of America at the moment. I won’t list them, but if you are alive here you know what they are. I try my hardest not to form an opinion on most of these topics because my window is so admittedly small. The few opinions that I have formed are based on experience, relationships, and research. If I write something here please know that I have researched the topic and do not mean to offend anyone. If you know of areas where I am lacking (maybe the curtain is pulled in a spot on my window), please comment with links to help me learn more. uI am a liberal conservative.

I am not democrat. I am not republican. I am a conservative liberal. My father likes to tell me this is my way of walking the fence. I am to cowardly to pick a side, but in reality, I see merit in both sides so I may agree with conservative opinion on this topic, but liberal opinion on that topic. I appreciate debate, but I hate confrontation. I enjoy learning new ideas and perspectives but being louder will not change my mind. My goal is not to change yours but to show you my side. I encourage you to show me your side.

My window is fairly small. My thoughts expressed on this site may reflect that. I am always looking for new ways to open my window a little bit more.


Practice Run

There’s a whole lot that I am not understanding about this entire set-up. What am I editing? How do I “pretty-ify” it? What is this, exactly? Is it possible I over-use commas? This is my first post on this page and I hope no one really reads it until I have had a chance to learn more about the entire process, thereby giving me the freedom to find a way to delete this post.

One of the problems I am having so far that is really sitting in my teeth is this large first letter thing. Will it happen on every subsequent paragraph? Why does nothing happen when I toggle the button that is supposed to be undoing it? Do I really need a large first letter to capture the attention of my nonexistent readers? That does not bode well for the imagined popularity of my page.

It would seem, now that I am on the third paragraph, that the large first letter is only on the first paragraph. This comes as a great comfort to me. I have also imagined that this large first letter phenomenon is attributable to the theme that I have selected for my page. I have a soft spot for themes. I sometimes pretend that the theme is adding a measure of control onto an activity that I do not understand. I use a theme for my gmail too.

Just so you know, hitting “tab” is not necessary even though this is a new paragraph. I know the rules have changed dramatically since I learned how to type, but this takes a lot of getting used to. The two spaces between sentences was a shocker, but somehow I managed to survive that so I’m sure that I will eventually survive this too. I don’t particularly like ending two separate paragraphs with the same word, so I’ve added this sentence to avoid that.

My purpose in starting (or re-starting) this page is to have a place for me to write. I love to write, I am not good at it, and I don’t like to write long hand. It is easier to keep up with the speed of my brain if I am able to type rather than write it out on paper. I do not expect great readership and it is quite possible only my mother will ever see the page, but I want the practice of writing. As it stands, my plan is to find some generic prompt of the day type service to start me out, then progress to topics that interest me on a deeper level. If you managed to make it all the way to this last paragraph (well done you), you might check back at a later date to see if I have improved on my posts. Thank you for the ramble space.